Finding the elusive film developers
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I'm looking to get some 35mm film developed without paying $11 plus shipping for each roll. Is this possible in 2015?!

I recently moved and found some 35 mm film and disposable cameras. I'm excited to see what's on them, but am having trouble finding a place to develop these rolls without paying over ten dollars a roll. I'd love to get prints, and possibly a digital copy of the pictures if possible. There are several ask questions to this effect, but they are years old at this point. I don't mind waiting for the prints if there is a good online resource.
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Walgreens does it at $11 (which has no shipping cost if you drop them off)
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According to your profile, you're in Philadelphia. Here's a list from Yelp of places that still develop film.
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Costco is a commonly recommended place for good cheap prints.
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Best answer: Costco is slowly starting to remove all of its photo centers as the equipment breaks down. Once it breaks, they don't replace it, and I have a feeling a lot of other one hour photo type places like Walgreen's, CVS, etc will start to do the same. It just isn't profitable enough for them to maintain.

Jim Grey did a pretty solid round-up on places that still develop film about a year ago; you can find it here. He still updates the post occasionally, as new information comes in.
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I just got some developed at Walmart for $9.95.
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