Where to Pay Someone for a Outlook 2013 Macro?
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Where might I hire someone to write a short Outlook 2013 macro, beyond my own "Google it, paste, and splice together" capabilities? (Metafilter Jobs yielded no takers.) What price should I be willing to pay for the described job?
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Seems like the kind of thing you get done quick and cheap on any of the freelancer job sites. I'd guess 2-6 hours of work, so take the high end of 6 hours and figure $50 an hour to somebody in the US, and maybe $10-15 if you use an offshore person.
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I am willing and able to do this, I just don't check the job boards of this site very often. I do things like this for the higher-ups at work all the time. MeFiMail me if you're interested.
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