Gluten Free in Brooklyn (Fort Greene area)?
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Asking for my wife, who doesn't have an account. My wife will be staying near Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn for about three weeks. She has a problem with gluten - trace amounts and cross-contamination are an issue. Looking for both dining and grocery shopping suggestions. She has relevant apps and online resources but not coming up with much to go on. Would love some local perspective. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I can't think of any strictly gluten free locations.

Lean Crust (pizza) on Fulton and MOB (vegan) on Atlantic will both do gluten-free versions of their menu. If she eats meat then Colonia Verde is pretty paleo. Roman's is hands down the best food in the neighborhood, and there's plenty of gluten-free dishes on the menu. But for all these places, cross-contamination may be an issue.

For groceries, the Greene Grape is the local (and expensive) option. Lot's of fresh salad/chilled stuff from the deli counter, and specialist ingredients. Their cafe, The Annex, which is just down the block, has plenty of gluten-free pastries/muffins, and a gluten-free beer.
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Not too sure about restaurants in that area but there are two large grocery stores that have plenty of gluten free options. There is the new Whole Foods on the Gowanus. It's a nice location and will have plenty of options. There's also the Fairway in Red Hook. They have a ton of gluten free stock.
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Be wary of cross-contamination from prepared and bulk foods at Whole Foods.
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Oh hi this is my neighborhood

Of the two big grocery stores in the area, I would avoid the Pathmark that's in the Atlantic Avenue Mall area (the one in that big complex where the Barclay Center Stadium is). It'll be the closest one, but it's always crowded and understaffed and they sold me spoiled meat once. Instead, there is a fairly well-stocked grocery store about eight blocks from the park.

There also is a lively farmers' market right IN Fort Greene Park every Saturday morning; it won't cover ALL your groceries, but they do have stalls selling meat and fish and cheese and dairy alongside all the produce. They do also have some bakers at the market, but they don't mix with any of the individual other markets (the bakers may also have some gluten-free items for sale - it's worth an ask).

As for neighborhood options: the pizzeria Graziella's claims to have a gluten-free pizza crust option. I cannot speak to the quality of the gluten-free option in particular, but I can confirm that it's a good place overall. Same too with Humo Smokehouse.

I have been to Clementine Bakery, which will be a tiny bit of a hike - but it's definitely gluten-free, and is also vegan on top of that.
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Seconding Clementine Bakery. They have sweet stuff, but also have sandwiches, savory pastries, and other GF options clearly marked. Great for breakfast or lunch options, not so much dinner.

Also, look for other vegan places, bc they often cater to the GF crowd around here as well.
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Sun in Bloom on Bergen (in Park Slope) is gluten-free, vegan, and raw. I had brunch there on Sunday and it was pretty tasty.
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If she really has problems with contamination, maybe don't go into pizza places and bakeries etc, there is often flour in the air.

Try going to places that don't use flour in their kitchens to start with - Vietnamese or Thai tend to be good (both seem to be available).

(Mild wheat allergy myself, but advice based on severely celiac housemate).
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I know you're looking in ft Greene, but Colors in noho is fully gluten free establishment and really delicious
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I know I took my time getting back to this but appreciate all the suggestions and will pass them on to my wife. Sounds like she has some good options without going too far from home base.
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