Best dye for the lady-stache?
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I'm a Greek-American girl with a mustache, and for years I've been using Sally Hansen facial hair "creme bleach" but they've futzed with their formula one time too many and it just doesn't work for me anymore. What's the best alternative facial hair dye?

If it makes a difference, the 'stache is very dark black hair, my facial skin is quite pale, and being peri-menopausal means the mustache is growing STRONG and very QUICKLY. Aargh.

Not into waxing, threading, etc. Just looking for bleach/dye recommendations.
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[Several comments removed. Sorry folks, OP was super specific: "Just looking for bleach/dye recommendations," so let's stick with that, and assume anon is already aware of alternative treatments. ]
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Have you tried Jolen creme bleach? I have the light skin and dark hair combo too, and it works pretty darn well.

They just changed the box (hate it), but the formula is still the same, as far as I can tell.
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There are salons which do it, although most just do waxing/threading. You might check with a convenient local place. It works out to be a bit more expensive (both in terms of time and money) than DIY but it might be worth it.
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When I quit waxing, I tried the Sally Hansen bleach cream. I also have really dark facial hair and it took about twice as long as the box suggested to lighten it enough. I ended up burning my upper lip a little. I have since switched to Surgi Cream hair remover.
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