Can I hack my Apple Watch into tracking sleep?
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I used to own only a Fitbit Charge wristband. Now I own the Fitbit and an Apple Watch. But as the Apple Watch doesn't have an official sleep tracking function, currently I have to wear the Fitbit to bed to track sleep, and then use the Sync Solver apps to synchronise sleep data and fitness data between Fitbit and Apple. It's all a bit of a kludge. Is there a way to hack the Apple Watch into tracking my sleep patterns?

Contrary to reports, the Apple Watch battery certainly does last a day and a night before requiring a charge, so I have a suspicion it could be used to track sleep. But I have yet to find a sleep app for Apple Watch that uses the watch itself to track sleep. Is it possible?
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No. Right now everything 3rd party on the watch is something like a glorified web page served up from your phone. Come watchOS 2 (probably Septemberish) there will be apps that run on the watch which might be permitted to do enough things that sleep tracking will be possible, or perhaps Apple will do it themselves. But for now, WYSIWG.
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