Sending email campaigns from multiple email addresses?
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I'm looking for a way to send out weekly newsletters on behalf of my clients. The content of each client's newsletter will be identical, but I'd like to make sure that each client's email address shows up as the "From" address for their campaign.

I've looked into doing this with Mailchimp, but it seems like I'll have to manually create (and maintain) campaigns for each client – that's not very sustainable!

Btw, I know I can build a script to do what I need with Mandrill or Sendgrid or similar apps, but I'd prefer an easy-to-use off-the-shelf service for right now, since I'm in the proof of concept stage.
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Seems like you'd want to just create the campaign once and then replicate it N times choosing a different sender for each one.
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Response by poster: Good idea, Pete, but that won't work here: This newsletter will go out weekly; I'd have to replicate each campaign each week for each client, and it'd get out of hand very quickly.
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You'd need an email system that would allow "From" to be a variable field, and have that field associated with each recipient. I know MailChimp doesn't do that, as you've discovered.
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I'm almost positive that Emma allows you to do this. It's not free, but I really like the software and have found their customer service to be awesome.
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Mailchimp lets you resend the same campaign, making any changes you want first. So you would change the from line before resending. It would take maybe a minute per send, so depending on how many you're sending this would work. You can also change the send to list, in case you're sending each client's newsletter to a different list.

I actually signed into mailchimp to make sure I give you the right directions to resend the same campaign with any changes. From the dashboard, click "create campaign" then select what type of campaign, what list, and then in the select template screen, you click campaigns and choose the campaign that you want to resend. Then everything else should be obvious, sending as usual.

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I asked this question of Pobox (which I subscribe to) and this was their answer:

"What this user is looking for is something similar to transaction mail, something that Pobox does not do, as Pobox, and most other email addresses are set up for personal correspondence. Other services, such as Postmark or Sendgrid are services designed for people who need that type of functionality. "
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