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I'm looking for a good photo lab in Manhattan...

I went to my local lab one day and found them mishandling negatives and generally not caring about the quality of the print itself, so I'm looking for a photo lab somewhere in NYC -- specifically Manhattan -- preferably around the Upper West side, but anywhere else including the East and West Villages is fine.

I'm trying to 1) print/enlarge a 35mm negative, and 2) get a few of my 35mm slide rolls cross-processed. I've searched for previous threads, and people have recommended Spectra, Flat Iron, Adorama, Ben Ness, etc.. but will these places do crossprocessing as well?
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B&H Photo is tops.
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My favs are always Duggal and Baboo.
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I like the C-lab on Broadway near Houston, and Manhattan Photo Labs on 20th St. Both will do cross-processing.
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Best answer: Flat Iron and Ben Ness will absolutley do cross-processing, as will any lab worth their salt. Both will also do your enlargements. Flat Iron will be slower and they will probably only give you one proofing session. For more intimate attention, there is ColorEdge which is on either 21st or 20th b/w 6th and 5th. They are a full service professional/commercial lab that is also pretty attentive to the amateur. Their turnaround is fantastic. For black and white, there is Lexington Black and White which is upstairs in the same building as ColorEdge. Also full service, attentive.
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Spectra on Park Ave South had always given me great service and prints. This was a few years ago, however, and I no longer live in NYC. Not sure about the cross-processing, but as spicynuts pointed out, it's likely they do.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot! I think I'll try Ben Ness, then Flat Iron, then Spectra..
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