Large rehearsal dinner venue in Toronto
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We're looking for a rehearsal dinner in Toronto for up to 125 people. We'd like it to be transit-accessible. Our limit is $65/person for food and rental and we want a consumption bar. Any suggestions?

Most of what we've found in previous Internet searches is for small dinners but we will have many out of town guests. It will be on Canada Day 2016, and that date is making things more difficult. We've looked at Granite Brewery, Mill Street Beer Hall, Amsterdam BrewHouse and since it's a Friday, they are either unavailable or want a minimum outside our budget.
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Have you looked into St. Lawrence Hall? At the second-last Toronto meetup someone mentioned using it for a wedding, the best-kept secret being that since it's city-owned the venue rental rate is super cheap.

Don't know the food/bar details. IIRC, you may need catering that you've arranged separately, though.
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Enoch Turner Schoolhouse. The Berkeley Church. Hart House (at UofT). The Palais Ballroom maybe; I think they have Canada Day parties usually. The Eglinton Grand or The Capitol Event Theatre. I believe all of those places can do a sit-down for 125. Arta Gallery in the Distillery might be doable.
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