Where should I stay in Brazil?
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I have a free week tacked on to the end of a work trip in Brazil and I'm looking to spend it in one place. Difficulty level: Grad Student.

I'd really love a place where I could have my own cabin or house and just relax for a few days near / on a beach. Would also like to have a city close by for exploring and nightlight(although I'm really planning on just relaxing). Also a place that won't break the bank. Does this exist?

I'm considering going to Florianopolis and staying in an AirBnB, but can't really get a sense of the area. I'm a fairly adventurous traveler, but really am trying to avoid the whole hostel scene and just find a place to relax on my own. Really anywhere in Brazil with an airport is fair game.
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First choice is always Bahia and you can stay around the beaches on Trancoso. Trancoso is close enough to the main large city in the region, Salvador do Bahia.

Second choice would be if you don't mind sticking around Rio, but the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Teresa has a homestay program, Cama e Café, I've always been intrigued by. And while Rio is a huge megacity, it's probably also the most beautiful large city I've been to so far in my life because of the proximity of beaches and hiking/rock climbing.
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I think you are looking for somwhere like Itacare. It's small and laid back and has something for most people. It's an hours drive north of Ilhaus.
Lots of people from all over get stuck there for more than a holiday. Revellon and Carnaval are a bit manic with a lot of tourists careering around; outside of peak holiday season it is quieter and highly enjoyable with beaches in walking distance fron the centre.
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Not super close to an airport (Curitiba is closest), but I would recommend Ilha do Mel. We spent a few days there and I wished I could have stayed longer. Very laid back. Antonina, nearby, is a sleepy forgotten port town. And the train down from Curitiba is noteworthy as well. Curitiba is a very liveable place. Our friends said, "Curitiba não tem mar, mas tem bar." Don't go there for the weather. Ilha do Mel is at sea level and much more typical of Brazil.
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On my trip to Brazil last year, I went to Rio and Sao Paulo, but I really loved my time in Paraty at this place: Pousada do Ouro. If I could go back and change that trip, I would try to spend more time there.

Not sure about how close it is to the airport or the beach, but it really couldn't have been more charming and peaceful.
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