Hope me a life, willya?
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I work from home and love love love what I do. Here's the thing, though. It's all I do. Like, if you took it away from me, I'd be sitting around staring out the window.

It dawned on me recently that I really don't have a lot of other interests and/or hobbies.

I think I need to get a life. Maybe you can help?

What are some fun things for me to do that I might not have thought of?

Here's a bit about me and my interests:

I love reading and writing.
Not much of an outdoorsy, physical activity kind of chick so not into hiking or anything like that.
Big crowds exhaust me but am okay with it once in a while.
I'm married to someone with vastly different interests (he likes baseball, watching television and visiting people and places)

(Geez, I sound boring. I'm actually a lot of fun but realize I need more outlets for that fun.)

Any ideas or suggestions happily received.
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Book club? Reading group? Community theater? Bird watching group?
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What do your friends do? Maybe you could ask them to take you to one of their hobby-occasions, like a book group, or to a performance of some kind that they like, or to a workshop, or a class.
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Why is reading not considered a hobby? If spending one's idle hours in a comfy chair with a good book (and a beverage of choice and a cat on one's lap) isn't one of life's supreme pleasures, then I don't know what is.

Doing stuff is overrated.
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This post might have some ideas for you!
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Three suggestions...

Join a book club and/or a writing or poetry group (not sure what type of writing you like to do). You could ask around with friends to see if anyone has space in a group, or libraries and churches often host these types of things so you could check that out too. I also wonder if you might enjoy attending lectures/lecture series/book readings/poetry readings at a local college/library/museum/etc.

Or, tag along with your husband to some of his events. One of my favorite things about having a partner with different interests is that I get to push my comfort zone and try out activities that I never would have tried before meeting him. As it turns out, I really enjoy many of them! Like, I may never become someone who follows sports extensively on my own, but I actually love going to games and viewing the action "live." Of course, other things I try and it turns out I'm not such a huge fan, but it's not the end of the world to spend an afternoon or evening doing an activity I don't love to figure that out.

Finally, there is a lot to be said with just meeting up with friends and hanging out. It may not sound like an exciting activity or something you can put down as a "hobby", but who cares? If you don't like crowds, you can invite them over for cocktails/appetizers/dinner/brunch/whatever at your place. If you're feeling up for it, you can do the same but meet up at a bar or restaurant. And, if you want to push your hobby boundary, see if you can tag along to friends' events. I feel like trying to take on a new hobby completely on your own when you know noone is super intimidating (at least to me), but if you have a friend to teach you how to knit or to accompany you to see a new play, it is way more fun.
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I recommend it to all my clients who are looking to get out and about.
No matter what high weirdness you're into, or curious about, there are others who would love to hang out with you and being to that as well.

Sit down and brainstorm a list of 20 things, places, activities, hobbies, social groups, and see if there is MeetUp for them. I'd venture that out of those 20 things, you'll find at least 15 to 20 close to them on the website.
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Get a dog. Walk said dog around the block twice a day. Socializing and exercising all in one.

Why don't you take a class at your local community college? It will get you out of your rut.
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Volunteer at your local library?
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Agree with getting a dog!

Our lurcher (greyhound with a touch of lab) is a lovely companion at home. He sleeps most of the time, is goofy and playful on walks, is generally very, very sweet and is happy to leave me alone when I'm puttering around at home and can't pay attention, but loves getting scratches. He's equally happy to go on short runs with me or to laze about in our apartment.

We also inherited a jack russell terrier - he's an older gent, but still loves to chase the ball. He curls up at my feet or at my elbow and snores. When he's chasing dream rabbits, he snuffles a bit, which is hilarious.

I love these dogs. Get a dog. Maybe a greyhound rescue.

Obligatory pic and pic.
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I recently got into archery. You can pick it up at any age any with any type of body.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! We do have dogs (two of them) and I take them for a little walk in the mornings most days.

I did volunteer at a dog rescue (where we got one of ours) and liked it - so perhaps I'll look at getting back into that in some fashion.

I'm also looking into improv classes (EEEK!) so perhaps pursue that.

Much appreciate all the ideas! (Writing them down now)
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A blog?

99/9% of blogs sort of start out as a weird rambly "I'm gonna just write about all kinds of random stuff" hodgepodge, but over time some themes start coming out, or you find yourself doing random stuff just to generate ideas for things to write about (I've turned a sort of bar bet over Facebook into a feature on my blog for this month, and I've had a crapton of people start following me as a result; I didn't set out to be a "food" blog, but for this month, it looks like I am).

Maybe start a little cheeseball free Wordpress thing and just write about any random whatever, and in time maybe a couple of things will come out as Your Thing You Do and you can start focusing on that. And if ultimately the thing sputters and dies, then no big deal, because it was free to set up.
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I'm also a big fan of Meetup.com, it's low commitment and you can sample whatever you want... there are also a myriad of project blogs and books that present daily challenges to try or create things at whatever pace you choose.

you like to write? here are 500 writing prompts from the NYT

Need a weekly project of a manageable size? 52 Projects and MakeSomething365 are good places to start

Smitten Kitchen always has something easy and delightful to cook I'm interested in

and branch out! try something a little more challenging to get your brain excited... lots of inspiration at Instructables
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Have you ever tried your hand at knitting and/or crocheting? It's pretty easy to pick up, and a low cost investment to start out. I taught myself to knit and crochet using internet tutorials.

What I really like about knitting and crocheting (although I mostly crochet these days) is that it's a relaxing activity that can range from mindless (doing a straightforward single stitch scarf) to more focus intensive. It gives my something to do while I watch TV and movies. The other great thing is that there are a lot of opportunities for social connections.

There's Ravelry which is a free site that has lots of patterns but also serves as a social network for knitters (and crocheters). There's even a metafilter group to join! I bet there's also a local yarn store that has knitting groups or classes which you can join.

I bet you could find a local writers group if you want to pursue that in a more social and structured environment.

Another thing that I've always sort of wanted to pursue is photography. So maybe look into that if you're at all interested in it.

Learning a musical instrument is great! I already played a wind instrument, but I've also been working on teaching myself violin. If you do already can play an instrument, I bet you could find a community orchestra or band to play in.

Since it sounds like you have a dog, maybe you can go hang out at a local dog park. That can be a good way to get some social interaction in. You and your dog may even make some friends and then you can have doggie play dates.
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Those things you list that you don't like? Do them. I know it seems wrong but you are reaching out about enriching your life and the first thing you do is come up with a list of things you don't like. You are starting off already closed off to some opportunities already present in your life particularly things you can share with your partner. Every time I have followed the maxim of trying what I think I don't like I find that there is more to it than I ever thought (even TV watching - read Game of Thrones fanfare if you doubt). Actively try and find the joy in those things. Also remember when you do things with people it is mostly the people that matter rather than the things. The things are just the catalyst
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