Chasing Two Rabbits: weight lifting and a six minute mile
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Can anyone recommend a routine that will allow me to continue weight lifting while simultaneously working toward a six minute mile?

I realize running while weight lifting is counter-productive. Most info I find indicates I should choose one or the other. I'm interested in hearing from those that know how to pull it off anyway (military, athletes, crazy people).

I was doing 5-3-1 for a few years, and recently switched up to Greyskull LP 3x a week with frequent calisthenics. So I squat 1-2 times a week and deadlift 1-2 times a week. When I back off the running, I get noticeably stronger.

My priority is getting faster though, so I dropped my leg lifts to 65% of my 1RM. I got faster right away, but I'm still not anywhere near my goal of a six minute mile. I typically run after lifting (and some mobility work) because the inverse seems like a recipe for injury. Currently following one of those Hal Higdon 5k plans. No access to a track. My only races involved a lot of zig zagging.
Marathon 4:10:00 (3 years ago)
8k 40:48 (3 months ago)
3.5 mile 26:21 (3 weeks ago)

Any tips on achieving a six minute mile while still making gains with weight training?
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I noticed huge improvement in my leg endurance (if not speed) from regular squats. Sounds like your current priority is the run, while mostly maintaining your lifts. So why not drop one or two lifting sessions for either HIIT or even rest sessions?

Also, keep eating! You must be burning a lot of energy!
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Any tips on achieving a six minute mile while still making gains with weight training?

This one looks ok. Find a track or place where you can run measured distances, in 400m increments up to one mile. Turn down the volume on the weights, and increase in running. Gets plenty of sleep, water, and food. Be conscious of your body, for stress and strain injuries.

I'd run the weight and running programs on alternate days.
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Sectioning sounds good. I ran for many years, got down to 163, was pretty fast (32 y/a currently). Started doing CrossFit and then 5-3-1 two years ago. Now weigh 203. Running is suddenly a lot like wearing a 40lb weight vest. Speedwork is the worst, and that's your foundation to hit a 6-minute mile.

But, oh man, food. Just based on how I feel either running or lifting regularly, you would have to eat a truly huge amount of food to maintain training schedules for both and minimize muscle loss. I would expect at least 5 protein scoops over the course of the day plus a ton of carbs. You'll want to do a casein shake before bed. You will probably have to sacrifice your healthily low lipid levels, too, because fat is such a good conductor of kcal. After a CrossFit workout, I used to eat three or four McChicken sandwiches on the drive home just to stave off the nausea, to say nothing of the post-workout emo. I bet you eat more than 5,000 kcal per day on this regimen. All the joy of eating will disappear as you choke down yet another chicken breast.

Also, start taking creatine; get a foam roller for your hip flexors; and rest for a week when you start feeling injured.

Other than that, good luck! I'm jealous.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
Thanks for the tips! I discovered the Tactical Barbel program (specifically TB2) and have finally started making progress without any injuries, and am darn close to my goal. Highly recommended.
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