What are you favorite baby apps?
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It's been almost exactly five years since this question was last asked. What are you favorite apps for tracking feedings, diaper changes, sleeping habits, and your baby's health?
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Try to not use propriety services. I did all milestones and weight and height and stuff on totspot and then they closed. I should have used a Google calendar instead.
I found all the diaper change tracking totally useless although we did it for a week or so, in a notebook.
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I was going to make an app for this, but when our son was born, we started using a graph paper notebook. 9+ months later, we are still using that notebook. It seems to pretty much cover our needs.
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TotalBaby on iOS. All data is freely exportable and sync between different devices.
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TotalBaby here too. It's really powerful and you can track a million things but works great even if you just track a few.

With our first we used it for more rigorous tracking since he was premature and so we were much more concerned with input, output and weight gain. Once he seemed solidly normal we quickly dropped diaper tracking. I also poured over the in app charts of sleep, so cool for a data geek and I hoped to "crack the baby sleep code". Alas I'm not sure that happened.

But the absolute best thing for us is that in our sleep deprived baby haze we didn't have to remember how long since they last slept or ate, and the syncing between parents (and caregivers) devices is great for communication.
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My wife and I are just wrapping up 18 months of using BabyConnect heavily every single day to keep track of information about our baby. It's exactly what we needed, and now that we're done we can export all the data so that some day the kid can use their brain-mounted hyperputer to recreate their early days in minute detail.
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I am an old mommy, but I have to smile that now parents need aps for this:-)
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We have been using Feed Baby for this. Avaliable for iOS and Android, syncs across devices, data is exportable.
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I used BabyBix for sleep tracking. You can track other things too, but I didn't find it until my son was a few months old (so not concerned with diapers, bottles, etc) and I was specifically trying to sort out his sleep schedule.
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Another BabyConnect user here. We started off writing in a notebook, but then got the app because it was easier. He's almost 2.5 and we still put his sleep in it because we're both kind of data nerds and it's interesting to see patterns (and not freak out when it seems he's sleeping less b/c often it's just not true). It's nice because grandparents can use it when they watch him. When he was smaller, they'd put notes in it that we could see during the day. All easily exportable, too.
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Seconding the basic graph paper route, but we've been lucky that both of our boys have been pretty good eaters, and neither have had any real issues (other initial breastfeeding techniques, and fighting bed times). For the first one, we charted when he ate, slept, pooped and peed for at least half a year. Because it's a physical list, you keep it near the kiddo, and whoever is doing baby care adds to the chart. If you lose the chart, spill something on it, or fill it up, start a new one.
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