Cool history podcasts (and other podcasts) for a 8 year old boy
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My 8 year old son LOVES history. He also loves audiobooks and podcasts as he can listen whilst doing his other great love - Lego! Can anybody recommend good history podcasts aimed specifically at primary school aged children? I would also appreciate details of any other good age appropriate podcasts that you think he would enjoy. Thanks!
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My first thought was Horrible Histories, but it's not available as a podcast. Still, your son might like the DVDs, which are available from the ABC store (I believe you're in Australia). Everyone I know with children your son's age say their kids love HH.
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BackStory! Not specifically aimed at kids, but fun for all ages. The history guys do seem to be coming up with more and more deplorable puns in recent episodes though.
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Also not aimed specifically at kids, but the Bowery Boys podcast about NYC history is very fun. The storytelling is simple, breezy and engaging. And often funny. Bonus that they have spoooooky ghost stories for Halloween.
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My absolute favorite favorite favorite history podcast is The Civil War (1861 - 1865) A History Podcast.

It might not be appropriate now, but bookmark it and wait for a few years and then turn him loose.
It's just wonderful.
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Good Job, Brain! is a trivia podcast that is kid friendly.
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The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd! My kids loved it loved it loved it. It's on iTunes.
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Horrible Histories are also available as audiobooks (my son, who is a fan of the hardcopy books, the animated series and the live action TV series, has some of them).
Good Job Brain can occasionally have some adult references, but they are pretty mild and of the suggestive rather than an outright nature, but depends on what you are happy to your kid listening to.
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Seconding Back Story. There's Stuff You Missed in History Class is pretty all ages and seems to be listened to by a lot of elementary school kids. Some episodes deal with tough topics but they've started adding warnings for younger listeners.
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Not history, but How to do Everything is a fun, interesting, often silly podcast that appears to have a fair number of kid listeners.
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Just throwing out another suggestion - Have you thought about investigating Old Time Radio shows that were educational in nature?
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A History of the World in 100 objects from the BBC.
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