San Francisco filter: Lounge/restaurant to watch Warriors game tomorrow?
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I'm looking for a cocktail lounge / gastropub-type place that's open tomorrow in San Francisco and showing the Warriors game. Difficulty level: I'm not into the sports-bar vibe...

I'm not one for sports bars (generally not that into sports, but got caught up in the playoffs), so while I'm all for cheering and getting involved in the game, I'd like to hopefully avoid obnoxious, drunkenly loud fans as much as possible.

SOMA-area would be nice, but willing to Uber to the right location!

Thanks, all!
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Hyatt will probably be showing it, but obnoxious drunks have a way of finding every bar showing sports.
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The Streatfood food cart lot on 11th at Division has been having watch parties. They have a good variety of tasty eats, and the weather has been decent, and outdoors at least means it won't be quite as deafeningly loud. Given this is the first time in decades that the Warriors have been this close to a championship, I think it's unlikely you'll find a bar with a television tuned to the game that doesn't become somewhat sports bar-like.
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I accidentally ended up in the bar at Tres Agaves (I guess now called just Tres? Townsend @ 2nd) for the first game of the finals and it was pretty nice. Good grub, not a lot of beers on tap, but also margaritas. Crowd was definitely fans but was mixed and not bro-y. Would watch there again definitely. Only complaint is that the TVs are a bit far away/small. Not terribly so but may be a factor for you.
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Streatfood is totally a sports bar.
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I just thought of something if you're flexible on SF: Puerto 27 in Pacifica was very mellow during the Super Bowl this year, though to be sure no local teams were in it.
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You might try Beta Lounge in Berkeley (yes, it's in the East Bay, but just a few blocks from BART, I promise!). It's got a great cocktail bar vibe (and really yummy cocktails), but also has some big screen TVs and would probably be playing the Warrior's game (you could call ahead to ask).
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Last week, SFist posted a list of The 14 Best Bars Wherein To Watch The Warriors In The Finals that may be a good place to start.
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