Bachelor Party near Boston - no booze, no naked women
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My good friend is getting married. We the 5 groomsmen are between 25 and 35. The groom likes Disney, cars, hiking, and other forms of clean fun. If we had an entire Saturday (night included) what could we do within 3 hours of Boston in early November?
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I went to a bachelor party at F1 Boston once. Lots of fun.
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My husband went to a bachelor party where one of the daytime activities was going to the trampoline park for basketball/dodgeball. They had a lot of fun.
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Lime rock park is just about 3 hours from Boston.
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If they make the playoffs, Fenway.
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We went fishing for stripers off of cape cod. Chartering a boat for six guys was about $100 apiece.
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My bachelor party started at F1 Boston and that was a great time. Unless you're getting married in two years, Fenway won't be a good idea and sitting in one place isn't a good basis for a bachelor party.
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My husband's bachelor party was also at F1 Boston and he loved it.
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For my pre-wedding outing, my friends and I did the cheesy trolley ghost tour of Boston, which was pretty fun and did have us walking around cemeteries at night. Not quite hiking but it was just on the edge of too physically intense for my pregnant sister-soon-to-be-in-law because of the hilly streets.
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Bro: listen to me carefully. The answer is curling.
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Tipsy candlepin bowling at Sacco's in Somerville is pretty good.

Also came in to recommend F1.
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For good clean fun with the requisite element of transgression: skinny-dipping in the Charles River at sunrise.

Any groomsman in poor health gets to be in charge of blankets, thermoses, and driving the van to the nearest hearty breakfast.
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