Cool Java art/experiments?
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Cool Java art/experiments?

Looking for recommendations for sleek Java interactive art or experiments. Fun, beautiful, compelling, surprising, time-sucking, eye-opening...whatever. Show me whacha got.
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Recently posted to MeFi: Random blue lines. There's probably more in the post. I can't find it though.
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Thanks! I've been thinking about that one for the last week or so -- great stuff -- and it's the post that actually got me thinking what else is out there? Hope there are more nuggets out there on the internets.
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There's all kinds of neat stuff at
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A whole bunch of stuff by Ken Perlin. I'm fond of A Webwide World, Adventures in robot path planning, and Little creatures forming colonies.
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The MIT Media Lab Aesthetics & Computation Group is a great place to start. Its director, John Maeda, and some of its students have produced some work you'll enjoy- Golan Levin in particular has made some striking pieces. They also created processing, which you might be interested in if you're looking to create your own interactive art.
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I like btsim, a BitTorrent simulator. Explains the nature of the protocol visually and interactively.
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Ben Fry (from the above MIT Lab) does some cool visualization stuff and is one of the guys that created processing.
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Along the same lines as Ken P, John Maeda, Ben Fry, is Martin Wattenberg. He works at IBM Research in Cambridge, MA. And he's a viz (as in "information visualization") guy and java rockkkkstar! His personal site is He recently built a java app for seeing baby names over the last 100 years.
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Isn't processing technically Java?
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Okay! Not so much with the reading other comments. Sorry about that.
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Have you checked out the Exhibition page on Processing? I love Jared Tarbell's work.Amit Pitaru's Sonic Wire Scupltor is also great.

And if it doesn't have to be Java, check out Messa di Voce which I think is done in Jitter.
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I used to see some interesting stuff at
At time of writing the website loads very s-l-o-w-l-y and I've lost patience. Maybe you guys might find something there.
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