Offbeat New Years fun in NYC?
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What's something nontraditional, offbeat, fun, and ideally artistic and cheap to do in NYC on New Year's Eve?

This is for a small group of early-30-somethings, mostly visual artists and writers, always up for something unusual, and if it involves good tunes, dancing, art-making, or the like, all the better.
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Not quite the same, but a similar question was asked previously. (And it doesn't share a single tag with this one.)
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I don't know, but if you find it, can I come?
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It's too early to say; the listings haven't come out yet. Subscribe now to Nonsense NYC and Flavorpill so that you get them when they do come out.

One year it was mild out and we watched fireworks from the Brooklyn Bridge and then went to a Moroccan place for hookah and bellydancing-watching. It was a great time, lots of atmosphere, and there were no cover charges.
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The restaurant Florent in the Meatpacking District has a big New Years Party featuring lots of outrageous drag queens. This year's is zodiac themed: "The Age of Aquarius". Expect burlesque acts and fantastic food. Look them up!
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Drink this stuff called alcohol, it enhances the new years celebration. Then you should have fun doing pretty much anything.
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