Metafilter is the best place fo- WHAT EVIDENCE DO YOU HAVE FOR THAT?
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A while back, I came across something (maybe a comic) that nicely illustrated a common internet discussion board issue. The gist of it was that people would often poke their heads into a discussion thread and ask things like "What evidence do you have for that claim?" The point was that, while in general it was good to have support for your claims, requiring a full bibliography for every comment on a blog post was a passive aggressive way of shutting down discussion. Less solid (but maybe helpful) memories inside.

I think (but am not sure), that this behavior was presented humorously in a web comic. I don't think it was any of the big ones (e.g. SMBC, XKCD, etc.), but I could be wrong about that. I also vaguely remember that the posters carrying out this behavior were maybe represented by an animal (llama? emu?), but I'm even less sure about that.

I'mthing I saw it either in a post or a comment in the Metafilter Media Conglomorate (i.e. the Blue, Green, or Grey), but I'm not positive.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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Best answer: Was it this Wondermark about Sea Lions?
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Best answer: This is the phenomenon known as sea lioning, I believe.
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Best answer: Sealioning. That has to be the one.
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Best answer: Could it be Sea-Lioning?
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Response by poster: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

You are all wonderful people.
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Best answer: This is probably the MeFi thread where you saw it.
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I have a real life sea lion. Every assertion I make, my sister politely asks me to substantiate. I've taken to making up book titles and page numbers. E.g.:

Me: "It's taboo in much of Asia to cross one's chopsticks."

Sister: "Can I ask where you read that?"

Me: "Sure. Simon Hagestragon's "Asian Taboos", page 536, softcover revised edition"

It stops her cold.
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