Designing a Designy Deck
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I am going to be designing a deck of cards that are similar to the IDEO Method Cards (in purpose but not in theme) with about 75 other people over the course of 2.5 days and I'm not sure what the best process is for getting it done.

Right now, I imagine I'd ask everyone to design their own card and prototype the suggestion with one or two other people (and adapt the card based on feedback). We could have an area where cards are posted and you could pick one you want to try to do. We could also make many cards each and vote with dots to select the final deck. I'm thinking the final output would be something online and also something you could print at home or order. It'd be created with CC materials and CC licensing.

Anyone done this or something like it before? I don't even know what to Google because all the words mean other, more popular things. I'm interested in tips on process, printing, and webifying.

I'll make it all up if I have to, but wanted to check here just in case... thanks MeFi!
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I might start in larger groups (probably not all 75) brainstorming possible cards together, so people can build on each others' ideas, and then let people break off to refine each concept and test it. Or at least have people brainstorm general topics as a bigger group before individuals or partners start working on specific cards. But maybe the IDEO method cards have some other suggestions on process. :)
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