Name that 60s or 70s cartoon! Flies and a matchbox.
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Google-fu fail. In the late 60 or early 70s, as a kid in Detroit, I remember a Saturday morning cartoon (possibly just a short within a cartoon variety show) featuring a dragonfly, a horsefly, and, I think, a fruit fly. They lived in a matchbox. I remember it being my "favorite show" at some point. Keep in mind it very well may have been a one-off that the years have converted into a series in my mind.

Possible bonus hint: my brother recalls it being a Honeymooners spoof. He's pretty sure he's not confusing it with the Looney Tunes mouse-based Honeymooners spoof.

Anyone else remember this, or was it made just for me?
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Best answer: Fearless Fly? Here's a description - he lived in a matchbook and had fly friends. And fly enemies! Video here, start at 1:07.
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Response by poster: Thanks. That really has to be it, even though it's not the image of the flies I had in mind. But... Decades can do that.

I'll see if anyone else has anything before marking best answer but, as I said... what else could it be?
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