Best options for mail delivery while overseas?
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My family and I will be living out of the US for 9 months (in Slovenia and Mexico). What options are there for dealing with mail?

Can you recommend services that, say, scan all your mail? Or send you important stuff? Or whatever? The post office's solution is to have you forward your mail to a relative or friend (and have them, presumably, look at it or store it), but that's not really an option. Bills and such we hopefully will have set up on autopay, but you never know...
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Family or friends seems easiest.
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Will anyone be housesitting for you or subletting your place? Perhaps you could ask them to notify you if anything important shows up. I am subletting from someone now and doing that, and just stacking the other non-essential stuff for when she gets back. There have actually been a surprising amount of important things (from a jury summons to a tax document to a credit card to replace one that expired...note that if you temporarily forward your mail, you won't get credit cards).

I'm sure there are services that handle this stuff, but I don't know of any personally.
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Google virtual mailbox. There are a number of services that do this. Yes, they will scan your mail and can forward you anything you want forwarded and you can get a PDF record if you just need the info.
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Response by poster: If anyone has recommendations (or anti-recommendations) for specific services, that would be especially helpful.
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This is a popular topic on RV forums. I lived in an RV for awhile and used Your Best Address, based in South Dakota. Very personalized service, reasonably priced, and never had an issue (although I remained in the US). I did a fair amount of research on this before I moved into the RV and some of the most popular services were Earth Class Mail and US Global Mail. Both of these let you view your mail online. You can find a billion reviews by searching for "RV mail forwarding."
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I used them when I was traveling for a year and half in 2005-2006 and they were great.
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I used about five years ago when I lived overseas for two years. They were great, but now I see they have declared bankruptcy. They plan to keep operating as they restructure.
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