Low fidelity shoe replicator, or, help me kick my sneaker habit
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I had a pair of Rockport Day to Night Cap Toes that I really liked and eventually wore completely out. Ideally I'd get another pair, but they're no longer available. What can I get that looks like them, or do I need to go bespoke?

I liked the somewhat muted brown, complete lack of shine, the contrasting texture of the canvas and the aged-looking leather, and the cap toe oxford shape. My budget is up to about $500 for high quality. I'm in the US and wear a men's size 11.5.

If I still had them I'd take them to a cobbler or something in an attempt to either get them rehabilitated or duplicated, but they didn't survive my last move.

The Clark Exton Cap comes close, but lacks a contrasting texture, and similarly the Bass Perkins is really close, but the leather is too dark brown and too ornamented.
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I think you'd struggle to "go bespoke" for $500. Fully custom shoes typically cost thousands of dollars. There are brands at a lower price point (closer to your err, "cap") that do some degree of customization, but I've not seen them producing shoes quite that quirky/casual.

Have you tried checking eBay? Finding that particular style, especially with the large size, might not happen, but you might find something similar. (Actually, I did find one... Just four sizes too small. But with a little patience and some creative searches...)

Another option would be to sign up for one of the popular flash sale sites, like MyHabit, Gilt, or maybe Yoox. These sites exist to move unsold fashion stuff, so the designs are less traditional; I've noticed that they often carry shoes that share your example's hybrid dress/casual aesthetic. In fact, my cursory search tonight might be the only time I haven't immediately seen some kind of mixed-material, dress-inspired-but-casual offering.
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