Simple browser based Instagram-like photo editing?
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Now that Google Photos has premiered, it appears that they've gutted the browser based photo editing features from Google+ Photos. I miss being able to quickly upload an image from my computer and tweak a bunch of Instagramish filter settings to get that lo-fi look that all the kids love nowadays. Are there any good equivalents out there, or is there a way to get the old photo editing capability back?

The new Google Photos is a real step back for me, as far as editing goes. I am a lazy lazy designer, and although I have some Instagramish filters for Photoshop, I enjoyed using the Google+ photo editing options; it felt a lot easier to tweak different filter options, throw on some radial blur effects, and see immediate results. The final product was exactly what I was looking for, and it was super easy to use.

I use VSCOcam and Instagram on my phone, but I want something I can use in a browser on my desktop computer. An app could work too, as long as it worked on an iMac.
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I've never used it but I think PicMonkey might be worth checking out.
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Best answer: I like Pixlr. They have three web apps, ranging from the super-simple, Instagram-filterish Pixlr O-Matic, to Pixlr Express (my favourite for quick editing work), to the Photoshop lite Pixlr Editor.
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Best answer: You can still get to the Google+ photo editor - go to and the first time it will redirect you to, but if you say "no really, take me back", it will do so, and you can then click a photo to edit using the editor I think you are looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks, misterbrandt!! That solution does work...for now. *narrows eyes at Google.*

If that ever fails, Pixlr O-Matic seems to be okay. I tried PicMonkey, but they unfortunately have one of those tiered systems where half the filters appear to be only available in the paid website despite showing up in the toolbar, and I found that to be a little annoying.
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Best answer: redsparkler: from the horse's mouth:
@jnack any public roadmap/plans for old G+ photo editing to appear in gPhotos, or is this a fork in the road? RE:

@misterbrandt Nothing to announce, but thanks for the feedback. On mobile (where most users edit) there’s of course Snapseed (2 taps away). (link)
(Snapseed is the editor that I think google bought to build the Google+ photo editor)
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