Face making website?
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Lost website: help me find a website that features the ability to create faces based on strips of other pieces faces (i.e., you choose an existing chin, mouth/nose/eyes, and hair) and it makes a sometimes-eerie looking result. The one I'm looking for was very well done (put out by a photographer or some other fine artist) and may have featured black and white images rather than color.
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There used to be a good one here, but for some reason, it's now redirecting to MTV Europe. Archive.org isn't working for me, either.
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I Googled for "flashface" based on your suggestion, interrobang, and found what you were pointing to -- I've seen that one before, but not the one I'm looking for :( The one I remember definitely used photographs of existing faces. There were a set number of images -- maybe arranged in a grid -- that you could pick from to make the new face. Thanks tho!
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Is it this one?
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I posted this site to meta back in May. Here's the thread. It sounds like what you're talking about.
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That's the one, thanks!
posted by robbie01 at 7:43 PM on November 29, 2005

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