What knobless thing have I bought?
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On a whim I bought a piece of legacy electronic in a thrift store today. And now I can't find out what it is. The make of the thing is Canopus and that throws up a lot of hits - but none of the thingies Google finds looks exactly like mine.

Yes, I'm a sucker for legacy electronics. That's my cross to bear.

Anyhow, this box is marked with the name Canopus and the words Digital Video Editing System. Should be easy to find an online manual, right? No... Because Canopus seems to have made hundreds of different models through the years. I can't even find out the model number of the box I got.

The manuals I find are for similar-but-not-the-same-thing. For instance most of the models I find have a plastic cover. My box is all metal. Most of the models I find have an auxiliary DC-power input. Not my box. The list goes on.

Before I call the company that sells Canopus stuff today, and try to find an manual, I would love to find out what model this is. Do you recognize this knobless box?

Link to picture of the front and to pic of the back.
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Best answer: It looks like a breakout box for some kind of A/V capture card. I have a feeling that it's basically an inert paperweight unless you can find the card that talks to the "MULTI I/O" port on the back.
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Best answer: That's almost definitely part of the Canopus DVRex-M1 Digital Video Editing System.
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Open the case, and see of the circuit board has a part number and revision. Search for that online.
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Best answer: Based upon an image search, this is the Canopus DVRex-M1.

Here's the data sheet: http://www.maxfair.com/Web/Canopus/DVRex-M1.pdf

Here's the entire kit on ebay UK: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canopus-DVRex-M1-DV-Editing-System-Dock-Breakout-Box-w-PCI-Card-/121319043046
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Response by poster: Yes! That's definitely my paperweight! Thank you guys!
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Yeah, I remember when that thing would have been the shit! But only if you had the capture card.
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