Help me find the thinnest, warmest women's jacket around
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I need help finding a really thin, but warm women's jacket.

I'm currently wearing a fleece jacket, but it's pretty bulky when I stuff it in my backpack. I'm an XL and live in the U.S. I prefer online but can go to a brick and mortar place in the Bay Area.
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Maybe these aren't thin enough for you, but I love Uniqlo's ultra light down jackets. They have stores in SF and Emeryville.
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I agree that the ultra light down is great. I got a Calvin Klein one at Costco a couple of years ago (I think that's the one, or very close), and it's been perfect. 6pm is showing it with its little bag, but it squeezes down even smaller than that, and is very warm. Try searching "packable down jacket."
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I think thinnest, warmest is going to be down. Uniqlo for cheap or Mountain Hardware for swank. Packs down to nearly nothing.
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Patagonia Nano Puff. Stuffs into its own pocket (literally the jacket pocket) and in the heart of winter, I wear it under other coats for extra warmth. Also works great layering OVER other things too.
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The suggestion for down is a good one, as it tends to be very light and compressible. However, if you're planning to use this jacket year-round, you may want to look at something that will perform better than down when wet. Most outdoor-focused down jackets have enough of a water-resistant coating to do OK in light showers, but if the insides do get wet, it completely stops insulating.

My go-to for this kind of gear is Patagonia. You'll find very similar stuff from other outdoor brands, but I like their repair policy (if you abused it, you'll have to pay for repairs, but otherwise they'll repair it forever) and their sustainability efforts. I have their Nano Puff Jacket which I've been really happy with, although it's not super warm. It's about equivalent to a fleece or hoodie, rather than a more usual jacket. On the other hand, it zips into its own pocket and weighs almost nothing. Oh, and they do also have a model with a hood. They do also have a lot of really nice down options if you want to go that route, although it's certainly a lot more expensive than something like Uniqlo.

As an aside, my experience with Uniqlo has been that their jackets have very short sleeves, in case that's an issue for you.
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The Uniqlo down jackets are very thin and stuff down very small, but I don't find them to be particularly warm. I wore mine in 40-ishF weather in Portland and was still cold. It sort of depends on how warm you need to be.
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My patagonia Nano Air is thin, very light and compressible, and definitely my favorite jacket ever.
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I have the Uniqlo one and love it because it's wearable on its own or as a liner for a nicer coat or jacket - you look as good as without it but you're extra toasty.
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I have their Nano Puff Jacket which I've been really happy with, although it's not super warm

I have the Patagonia Nano Puff as well (and I really, really like it); I was wearing it over a Marmot fleece (not super-bulky, but pretty warm) and that combo was good to about 10°F, maybe 0 if you pushed it. How warm do you need?
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I have that Costco Calvin Klein coat hiker U links above and can vouch for it being both quite warm and absurdly packable. I got it intending it to be a quick throw on and walk the dog jacket but I ended up wearing it all winter long here in Chicago, forgoing my heavy wool coat. I couldn't believe how warm it was. Also? Less than 30 bucks at Costco. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, 10/10.
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I have a North Face Thermoball jacket. It squishes down to practically nothing, and like the jackets above, you can turn it inside out and basically store it in it's own pocket, and seems to be good for a surprising range of temperatures. I was wearing it in December over layers. I wore it in today. (It's freakishly cold here at the moment given that it's June.) I suspect it of being North Face's answer to the nanopuff, but haven't encountered that one in person.
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I have this Mountain Hardware jacket. I've been wearing it nearly every day in San Francisco for over a year and there's been absolutely no wear on it. It has a flattering fit, looks stylish, and (if it's realllly cold) I can wear hoodies under it and it doesn't look bulky. I'm a big fan of Mountain Hardware. Their stuff tends to be a bit more expensive than Northface but way better quality and Patagonia's stuff always seems to be a little too short for my torso.
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