What's a fun experience type present I can get for my mom's birthday?
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What's a fun gift I can get my mom for her birthday? It has to be something she can do in the Hudson Valley, NY area (New Paltz/Kingston/Woodstock etc).

I can't believe I've never asked this question before, since I go through this agony every single year. Anyway, my mom's birthday is coming up and I need recommendations on what to buy her! The problem is, she doesn't want any actual stuff, so I need to come up with something she can DO instead.

Gifts she's gotten in the past that she liked - horseback riding lesson, hot air balloon ride, zip lining, night at bed & breakfast, restaurant gift certs, stuff for her bike, Yankees tickets, concert tickets.

Stuff she would HATE - anything having to do with a spa. any material stuff like jewelry or books or clothing or cooking stuff.

Pertinent details - she lives in the Hudson Valley (about 2 hours north of NYC) and really doesn't want to drive too far. So anything further than an hour or so away is no good. Also she's in really, really amazing shape but my dad is slightly physically disabled right now (can't walk that long or do athletic stuff). So that means something like a kayak tour or whatever is not so great. There's things down here in NYC that would be good like painting classes, hiring a chef to come cook a meal at your house, etc but none of that stuff is near her.

Help! I have two weeks to come up with something!
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Response by poster: Oh, I'd like to keep it under $200 although I would go higher if it was something seriously amazing and/or something I could combo with a Father's Day gift for my dad.
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She (they) might enjoy an Upstate Films membership.
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Maybe a Hudson River cruise?
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Have they been to stuff at Bannerman Castle?
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How about dinner reservations at the CIA restaurants?
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Pottery class? Looks like you could get a couple private lessons in your price range.
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Best answer: The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (or anything else, theater fiend that I am) at the Woodstock Playhouse sounds like tremendous fun!
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Sailplane ride
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If they have any appreciation for classical music, a concert at the Maverick Concert Hall, located near Woodstock, is always an amazing experience. It's world class music in an intimate and unique setting ("Music in the Woods") with a really great crowd.
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Membership at Dia Beacon or Storm King if she likes art (Storm King is somewhat less good for your dad, but they do offer trolley tours).

A trip to Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.
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The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival runs all summer and is a nice night out. (Cold Spring)

Hudson Beach Glass offers glass blowing and glass making classes. (Beacon)
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She sounds adventurous - would she be up for tandem skydiving, or tandem hang gliding? I can't speak to either of those specific vendors, but they appear to be in your area.

My sister and I got my mom a skydiving experience for her 60th birthday; she loved it, and it continues to be fun to say that we threw our mother out of a plane for her birthday.
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What about tickets for Tanglewood? It's the Boston Symphony Orchestra's summer home in (outside?) Lenox, MA, in the Berkshires, and I can vouch for the setting being very peaceful and the music being beautiful. You could get them "Shed" tickets (indoors - note, not actually a shed), which is more of a traditional concert experience; or you could get them "lawn" tickets (outside tickets, where the music wafts over the grass) and with lawn tickets you can bring and enjoy a picnic as the sun sets. I can personally recommend both as being lovely experiences. If you got them lawn tickets, you could pair that with a nice picnic basket, either homemade or bought, and some wine (or maybe even bubbly). Perhaps you could pair either lawn or shed tickets with a nice Berkshire B&B for the night. Looks like Tanglewood is around an hour or an hour and a half from the Hudson Valley, depending on where exactly they are, so it would probably make a fun overnight outing if they like classical music (and if they did an overnight, the drive would obviously be split over two days). It's outdoorsy in the sense that you're enjoying some beautiful nature and fresh air, but there's not much walking or anything strenuous. Here's this season's program.
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Best answer: Sunset Cruise on the Hudson River. Check out various departure points and companies.
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Response by poster: Some great suggestions here! I think the murder mystery play in Woodstock or the Sunset Cruise are going to be the winners, but now I have ideas for Christmas too :)
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