Which razor to replace the discontinued Schick Xtreme 3?
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Which cartridge shaver system should I use to replace my favorite but now discontinued Schick Xtreme 3? Difficulty filter: no safety razors.

For me, the Schick Xtreme 3 hit that sweet spot between not being too low quality that it cut up my face, but not being too expensive that it broke the bank. I could buy it on Amazon or Drugstore.com when a sale came along, but it also was widely enough available that I could pick it up at a local drugstore in a pinch.

Any ideas on which cartridge system with which I could replace it? Like I said in the title, safety razors probably won't work for me, so I'm sticking with cartridge systems for the time being.
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Would the womens version work, or is that also discontinued?

I've heard good things about dorco, but I have no personal recommendations for you.
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Before I switched to a safety razor, I used one from Dollar Shave Club that was good. I still use it when I am on the road and don't want to bring all the paraphernalia. I forget which of their models it is, but it's not the bottom of the line one. I think they'll let you try different ones to see which works best for you. I'm not sure how much cheaper it really is, but I like that I never have to remember to buy blades.
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Gillette still makes Sensors which is a similar vintage to the Schick Xtreme 3. I've been using them for quite a few years and never felt the need to move up to the Mach and beyond. I don't like the mushiness of the highly-spring newer systems. It's also somewhat cheaper than the new hotnesses.

Walmart has them if no one else does.

I've tried both Razwar and Dollar Shave club. Dullish blades and not great value, IMO.
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I used to use the Sensor but have become a huge fan of Harry's. The blade prices are low enough that I don't mind changing the blade, and doing so, get a much better shave. $25 for a 16-pack!

I bought one for my sweetheart, and another as thank you gift for her brother.

And their shipping is wicked fast, even for basic standard.

I am a very satisfied customer.
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yeah I took a gamble on Harry's about 9 months ago and I'm loving it too. Really recommended
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