Organizing mini projects
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Part of my work involves managing a number of mini projects over time. The number of projects right now is in the low tens. My goal is to track the progression by making a few notes each time something related to the project happens. I want to be able to see where any project is at any given time. I have tried to use Evernote many times, but I just don't connect with it at all. Any other suggestions, Mefites?
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Trello, Trello, Trello.
Started out as a Kanban Board task organizer, but it's so much more and highly flexible.
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I'll second looking at Trello. I also like Asana for lightweight project management.
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Yup, Trello. You use "cards" to represent each project or task, "lists" to represent phases of completion (usually). Each card can contain an extended description, comments, attachments, a due date, a checklist, all kinds of stuff. Whenever I've got an ongoing task, I update the Trello card for that task with each notable update.
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I've gone through a bunch of project management systems and ended up using Things for Mac. It's not perfect but I've been really happy with it for a year. I continue to use Evernote for notes.
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Things sorta maxed out for me at about 20+ small projects and I switched to OmniFocus which isn't as pretty but allowed for way more projects and nesting within folders.
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I usually have about 20 projects on the go at once. While it's not perfect, I've been pretty happy using Producteev as my personal tracking system for all the projects. A few things I like:
– I can assign priorities to rank the importance of certain tasks
– I have the option of seeing tasks from across all my projects on my main page, ranked by priority. (Essentially by daily to-do list, starting from the top)
– I can forward an email to Producteev and it transforms it into a task.

Trello looks interesting, I think I'll give it a whirl too.
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Thanks everyone! I'll look at them and see what will work for me.
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