Help me ID this pop song.
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This weekend, I heard a great song while in a gas station shop. I REALLY enjoyed it, but not being a regular pop listener, I don't know where to even start to look for it.

The song sounded bouncy and sassy and dance-y in the ways that Fitz and the Tantrums' "The Walker" do, with a male singer and female backups, but doesn't seem to be one of their songs. I don't remember any lyrics other than vague references to burning something down (maybe) seemed to be either a love song or an empowerment song. The chorus line was really garbled for me. Ringing any bells?
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Walk the Moon - Shut up and Dance ?

Budapest - George Ezra ?

Geronimo - Sheppard ?

When I can't think of a song I heard on the radio I usually head to the itunes top songs.
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Fun - We Are Young, perhaps?

Ellie Goulding - Burn doesn't fit all your criteria, but I'm throwing it in just in case - I've been hearing it around a lot.
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Just to check - it's not Fitz & the Tantrums' Fools Gold, is it? I feel like that's been getting radio play lately, but maybe I'm imagining it.

If you happen to know what radio station was playing (if it was a radio station) you could see if they have a playlist on their website.
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Burning Bridges, Breaking Hearts by Arcade Fire?
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Crystalinne: "When I can't think of a song I heard on the radio I usually head to the itunes top songs. "

I was just going to suggest this. You can also start a Pandora or iTunes Radio station based on a similar song, though that is less successful.
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Just conceivably "Burning down the House" by Talking Heads. I can hear a similarity to Fitz and the Tantrums in there.
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Matt and Kim Get It?
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Did it have a whistle? If so it could be I Don't Like It, I Love It by Flo Rida & Robin Thicke.
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Response by poster: None of the above (so far), but Crystalinne's options are the closest-sounding.

It's a faster song than the Arcade Fire one noted above, and it definitely wasn't Fun, I am pretty good at picking out that guy's voice.
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FWIW, thischarminggirl's suggestion sounds quite a bit what you described, but is has been out long enough that I didn't suggest it.
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just gonna throw this one out there - Metric's The Shade? I feel like it's all over these days.
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Response by poster: It isn't Shut Up and Dance. I've heard that song nonstop lately. The one I heard over the weekend is definitely a different song.

If it helps in any way, the next song this station (or Muzak system) played was A Girl Like You by The Smithereens, which tells me it might not be a current top 40 thing.

My first thoughts when hearing mystery song were "this sounds like Fitz, or maybe Hozier" based on the singer's vocal style.
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Bastille - Pompeii?
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Midnight Oil's "Beds are Burning"?
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I came to say Little Talks, but thischarmingirl beat me to it. First line is "I don't like walking around this old and empty house" but the whole song is pretty garbled and hard to parse.
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Download the Shazam app for your phone for next time.
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Best answer: Sooo, via listening to pop radio all week and searching for other songs by certain similar-sounding artists that my radio ID dealie listed- I FOUND THE SONG!!

Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions and attempts to interpret my vague as shit guidelines.

One Republic- Love Runs Out
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