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LSD in pop culture?

I'm looking for a bevy of movies/documentaries/etc (the "I am a golden god!" scene from Almost Famous comes to mind) involving acid, LSD, what have you...my intention is to stitch the acid-related scenes together and show it as a video presentation detailing the prevalence of LSD in American culture. Basically, I'm getting out of doing any work for a stupid HS health class (which is completely frickin below me, as I've already taken AP bio, etc...) by voicing over other bits of movies.....

So, besides Almost Famous and the obvious choice of Fear and Loathing, what else is there...

If you've got the clip, or access to it on some sort of hosted medium, thats even better...
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SLC Punk! has a pretty freaky such scene (kid with LSD in his pocket running from the cops, it starts to rain, the LSD soaks into his skin -- a LOT of LSD all at once. Hallucinations ensue, like crazy).
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The movie is awful, but there's an interestingly-filmed LSD sequence in Harvard Man. Which actually involves Al Franken, if I'm remembering correctly.
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The Trip
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Oh, and you can't possibly have an LSD montage without featuring something from Hair.
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Best answer: Search for "LSD" or "Acid" at the Prelinger Archives, and you will find a number of different types of films - with free video clips, to boot!
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Best answer: Here's IMDB's list of movies w/ the keyword "LSD".
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You'll have to go through it meticulously, but this keyword deal on IMDB might help.
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Damn it apple scruff -- we must have been posting at the same time. Oh well, yours is better anyways.
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"Fierce Grace" is an awesome documentary about Ram Dass. It not only contains a lot of historical insights about his role in advancing LSD use as a spiritual tool, it's also about his massive stroke and the effects of old age and infirmity on spirituality. Very moving.

Also: "Timothy Leary's Last Trip" and "Beyond Life With Timothy Leary."
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Also also, if you can find a copy of Jefferson Airplane's video for their drug-laced song "White Rabbit" (I believe the song was featured in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), that was mucho-psychedelic as well.
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Romeo+Juliet, during the Capulet's masquerede party.
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it starts to rain
I thought he ran through some sprinkler, but minor detail. Great movie and highly recommend.
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I think you're right, jmd82. It's been a few years since I've seen it.

Another one that could be useful to the OP would be the documentary that appeared on PBS several years ago, Making Sense of the Sixties. I used to have all six hours on tape (not anymore, sadly), but the drug culture of the sixties, especially LSD as I recall, was featured prominently.
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The cold intro. to episode 1, season four, of Six Feet Under.
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Response by poster: WHOA! internet archive has some rad stuff...

and I REMEMBER that episode of six feet under...the kid jumps off the roof, yeah?

Any idea where the segements from various feature films/TV shows can be found on the glorious intarweb?
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Romeo+Juliet, during the Capulet's masquerede party.

I seem to recall Romeo taking ecstasy in that sequence, but I could be wrong.

Definitely Fear and Loathing.
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Cheech & Chong

"Up in Smoke"
The scene where Cheech scarfs a bag full of acid in the car because a cop has pulled them over.

"Nice Dreams"
Timothy Leary helps Cheech "escape" from the asylum by giving him the "key".
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Lisa Simpson when she drinks the water at Itchy and Scratchy world. Homer when he eats the Guatemalan Insanity Peppers.
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Best answer: The Doors.
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The Peter Sellers movie I Love You, Alice B. Toklas. The Tilda Swinton movie The Beach.

Also: Marge complaining about how the residents of Shelbyville have spiked the water supply.
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The climax of "Casino Royale", where one of the James Bonds sets off a "lysergic acid" bomb in the building vents or somesuch.

Wild in the Streets, a '60s hippie exploitation flick in which the legal voting age is lowered to 14 and eventually all the adults over 30 wind up in forced retirement camps.

The brothel scene in "Easy Rider"

Here's some footage of LSD being tested on British troops--14mb .mpg download

The bridge battle in "Apocalypse Now"
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How about the Larry Clark Film Bully? There's an acid/video game scene.
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There's an X-Files episode about halfway through the series' run when the water supply in Mulder's building gets spiked with LSD (or I think they said an LSD-like chemical). Wackiness ensues, as Mulder gets even more paranoid and creeped out than usual.
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Search Google Videos for the British military documentary on LSD's effects on soldiers. Black and white and hilarious all over.
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Try to find Conrad Rook's Chappaqua (1966). Music by Ravi Shankar. From an IMDB reviewer: "This film probably captures the essence of the sixties counter-culture like few films ever have. Although you might be tempted not to see this trip all the way through,you will only be cheating yourself out of one of the greatest movie endings of all time."
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Segments of Natural Born Killers and Head may be worthwhile.
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Woodstock. Duh. "Don't eat the brown acid." It is THE movie acid reference.
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If you can find an early 90s sci-fi crap flick called Hardware (not on DVD as far as I know), there's a cool scene where the killer assassin robot kills a guy with an injection of a drug that is basically ramped up LSD. An animated death trip ensues.
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Easy Rider, of course.
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In 1959's "The Tingler," Vincent Price locks himself in a room and takes LSD, to freakalicious results.

See this review, which notes: "Vincent Price takes what is almost certainly the screen’s first LSD trip..."

The walls! The walls!
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Here's that British military LSD clip, and the Mefi thread about it.
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[sorry, arto already got it]
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La Vallee
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