She gave up all her dreams, so that I could buy ice cream
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Many years ago, I heard a song that included the following lyrics: "She gave up all her dreams, so that I could buy ice cream" and I haven't been able to find it again.

About 20+ years ago, I heard a song that I assume is called "A Mother's Love". I only heard it once, but it has stuck with me for years. It included the following lyrics:

"She gave up all her dreams, so that I could buy ice cream", or something similar to that.

I've tried searching google with variations of the lyrics ("a mother's love" + "ice cream" + lyrics"; "dream" + "ice cream" + "mother's love") for years now, with no success.

Other possibly pertinent information:
- I heard it in a church sanctuary, blasting over the sound system after the service, so I assume that it's a Contemporary Christian song.
- I heard it in the early-mid 90s.
- The first two lines of every chorus started with "A mother's love"
- The singer was female, possibly African-American
- The chord structure of the chorus was : IV V I, probably about 95 BPM
- It is not Diana Ross's song "A Mother's Love" or Celine Dion's "A Mother's Prayer"
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Best answer: Is it the second entry here?
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Response by poster: Holy spimoli! Yes! How in the world did you find it?

Posted for posterity, in case the blog goes offline

She's the first one to rise up in the morning
And the last one to close her eyes at night
And when her babies cry
She walks the floor and holds them tight
Her gentle hands assure them it's alright

A mother's love is faithful always trusting
A mother's love will stand the test of time
When others have their fun
A mother's work is never done
There's not a heart that's big enough to hold a mother's love

She's content to be home with her family
No one knows the sacrifice she makes
She's given up her dreams
For birthdays and ice cream
But she wouldn't have it any other way

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I used: "lyrics" "chorus" "A mother's love" "ice cream" "dreams"
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