Help Me Get With The Funk!
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What IS this funky old song? I am here singing the beginning of the chorus:
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Best answer: That is Earth Wind and Fire's September.
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Best answer: Yup! Phunniemee's got it. Earth, Wind, & Fire's September.
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While we're all here, if anyone remembers the old web series that used this song in an episode, I've now spent the last 15 minutes trying to find it and can't. It was set in an office with an incompetent jerk boss with a bad mustache. I only remember two sketches, one was a big office dance party featuring September. In another episode they did a bit with the photo frames from that HP commercial that used the Kinks' Picture Book.
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Response by poster: YAY~!! thank you all.
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Phunniemee, I think you're looking for Dutch West, September! (The other video is Picture Picture.)
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Pomplamoose version!
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