Strange Symbolic Sign
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I took this picture of a sign/window over a building doorway in Goettingen , Germany. Does anyone know what it's supposed to represent or what the symbols stand for? Is it Hebrew?
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It's a stylized tetragrammaton, the four-letter Hebrew name of God.
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The design is based on the Eye of Providence, but the eye itself is replaced with the tetragrammaton.
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Response by poster: What sort of building would this sign be used in?
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Various denominations of xtian church art/windows/etc, for one. Or masonic halls.
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There's no real standardized use for it: it could be a church, or a society of some sort, or part of a family crest, or just a warding or luck symbol.

Also a couple of examples from churches: St. Charles in Austria and 5th Chapel at Versailles.
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A Masonic temple is a good bet. I'm not sure about Germany, but in the U.S. the tetragrammaton would be more specifically associated with the Royal Arch degrees of the York Rite, and I believe some of the Scottish Rite degrees as well.
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