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Company Holiday Party Game ideas, if you please. We are hoping to play our own version of Fact or Crap, do you know any good questions? tried plenty of the goggle sites, but nothing very fun and interesting, which I knew I would get with your help...thanks
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Dead or Not Dead is always a hit. Name minor celebrities, and let people guess whether said celebrity is still alive or not. Burgess Meredith? Tony Randall? John Astin? Dick Cheney? (All right, that last one was a trick question.)
posted by Faint of Butt at 12:49 PM on November 29, 2005 the answer to that would be...dead, dead, dead, Undead.
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doh! ok so John Astins still alive.
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The best game I have played with large groups of non-gamers is "werewolf"

Also, in general, I would refer anyone to that site for any game related questions.
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What I think you're looking for are what are generally called "parlor games". Basically, sets of games you can play with little or no equipment that are fun and get people interacting with each other.

There used to be a book by Nora Gallagher (I think - my copy was leant and never returned) that had some fairly good ones including:

My Grandmother's Trunk
Honey, I Love You
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For questions to use in Fact or Crap, try Snopes.
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