Your favorite non-US interview podcasts/radio shows
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I love listening to interviews of interesting people! I'm especially fond of listening to such shows when they are based in a country other than the US. Please recommend me your favorite English-language interview shows from countries other than the US.
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Elanor Wachtel has fantastic interview skills. Some of the interviewees will be American, though.
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I don't know if this counts, but Binnall of America just did a 2 hr interview with a woman who was part of the People's Temple in her early teens because her mom was involved with the group (cult.) She's in her 60's now, but in her late teens/early 20's, she was one of only 35 survivors to escape the Jonestown Massacre. One of the best interviews with anyone I've ever listened to.

A few weeks ago they did an interview with the journalist who wrote the original book on murderer (and likely serial killer) Robert Durst, and it focused on all the really interesting back story that was glossed over in the HBO documentary.

These are two "don't miss" interviews with two deeply interesting yet humble individuals. I couldn't resist offering them up. Hope you enjoy them and learn a lot. Deep deep rabbit holes, surprising the differences between popular knowledge and first-hand accounts.
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Response by poster: Some of the interviewees will be American, though.

That's fine. I'm just looking for programs based outside the US, regardless of nationality of their guests.

jbenben, thank you for those, but I am explicitly looking for programs outside the US in this question.
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Have you tried Start The Week and Midweek on BBC Radio 4?

For more niche interview topics, try Women's Hour (women), The Life Scientific (scientists), and The Listening Project (members of the public interview family members).

If you are ok with group discussions rather than individual interviews, try Great Lives and The Last Word (obituaries), Open Book (books), All In The Mind (psychology), Unreliable Evidence (legal topics) and In Our Time (mostly history).

All on the BBC website, unfortunately I can't link on my phone.
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Australian: Late Night Live with our National Treasure, Philip Adams.
And from the same station, Conversations with Richard Fidler.

Both men are very talented interviewers and Late Night Live has a 20yr archive.
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Response by poster: These are exactly the kinds of things I'm looking for. Keep 'em coming!
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Laurie Taylor's Thinking Allowed is as broad ranging as Bragg's In Our Time. It's worth plumbing the depths of Radio 4's offerings.
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You might like the Marian Finucane show.
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I like Sunday Night Safran. (Australian). A journalist and a (very liberal) priest discuss a number of topics and conduct short interviews with a range of interesting guests.
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Private Eye, a biweekly news and satire magazine in the UK has a new podcast but I have not heard it.
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"Interviews with the world's leading politicians, thinkers and cultural figures. In an in-depth, hard-hitting, half-hour discussion, Stephen Sackur talks to some of the most prominent people from around the world. Broadcast on the BBC World Service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays".

Podcast: BBC World Service Hardtalk
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I'm a fan of the BBC's History Extra podcast, which features interviews with (mostly British) historians about their latest research and occasional spotlights of new museum exhibits. Not stuffy at all, they tend to focus on dramatic stories and personalities!
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The Popup Chinese Sinica Podcast is based in Beijing and is a really great source for China cultural and political news which you don't get to hear very often outside of the country.
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Came in to shill for late night live with Philip Adams and I see I was pipped.
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Jon Ronson, who is now more famous for his books, has a BBC radio show; episodes center on various topics, but include interviews, somewhat in the vein of This American Life or Radiolab. You can find them here.
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The Osher Gunsberg podcast. He's an Australian who divides his time between Australia and the U.S., but about 90% of his guests are Australian. Good interviewer and an interesting mix of guests.
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