Best way to get to Dodger Stadium from Disneyland without a car
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I've been trying to figure out the best way to take a side trip from Disneyland to see a Dodger game this summer, but I am at a loss. I know there's a train, but the train stops around 10pm, so that precludes night games. I can't imagine a taxi from Anaheim to Chavez Ravine would be even remotely affordable. LA Mefites, any ideas?
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Is it possible to rent a car? That's really the only logical, affordable way to cover that distance. A traditional taxi would be up near $150 one way, and I can't imagine a "disruptive" car service like Lyft would be that much cheaper for such a long haul, even if they were willing to do it.
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Is Zipcar available there?
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Could you time it for them playing the Angels?
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Last time i was down there i rented a car through hotwire and it was stupidly cheap. Like, $40 or something with unlimited mileage and that was for four days. I did the math and it was cheaper than i usually pay for car2go/zipcar/etc even, although i had to buy a bit of gas. One day was something stupendous like $8.99. I honestly can't figure out how they make money at those prices, but it was leaps and bounds the cheapest option for getting around.
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As drjimmy11 says, renting a car would be the normal thing to do. Say $40 per day plus $10 gas round trip. Similar cost for zipcar.

I think "car share" service could also work well. Especially so if this is a one-way trip. I went to to calculate, and they estimate $29-40 one-way.

The only risk is you might get surge pricing, which can up the price. But if you can, leave the Chavez Ravine a little after the game ends or maybe before (I don't live in LA, so maybe others with experience using uber there can chime in), and you might be able to just wait out the surge.

On edit: as the post above says, LA has a very competitive car rental market, so you might get an extremely cheap rental. My only caution on this is that these fares might be only available at the airport, so pay attention to that.
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Try Priceline. When you choose the "name your own price" for rental cars I've seen bids as low as $5 get accepted. Taxes etc will still push you over $20, but it beats a taxi.
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Dodgers *at* Angels are night games, September 7, 8, and 9 - dunno if that works with the timing of your plans

Teeeeechnically you could do Disney to Dodger Stadium on transit, with a fair bit of walking mixed in and multiple connections, but it'll cost you three hours of your time each way.

Is it just that you didn't want to rent a car, or that you don't have a drivers' license or are under 25 and can't rent a car cheaply?
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There will be zip cars at Metro stations at some point, not sure when. If that program is in place you could take a taxi to the closest Amtrak station, take the train to Union Station, take the gold line to Chinatown, and take a zip car to the stadium. Which sounds like a terrible idea in general, to me personally, but will technically be possible at some point in the future.
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I get car rental through AAA in Los Angeles for $26 per day via some telephone customer service help when needed. Don't know if that works for you. Enterprise can be very inexpensive.

Otherwise, Amtrak Surfliner into Union Station, the Gold Line to Chinatown, then an Uber or taxi + some walking because I imagine the traffic into dodger stadium is generally heinous and I would not want to pay for sitting in traffic. But I'm cheap. YMMV.
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If you can get to Union Station, there is an easy shuttle bus to Dodger Stadium.

I would just rent a car, though.
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I'd rent a car to go to Dodger Stadium from Disneyland.

But if you just want to see a baseball game, you do know that Anaheim Stadium is on the same street as Disneyland, right? You could easily see the Angels play. (I realize this might be blasphemy.)

Start walking east from Disneyland on Katella, and while it'll be a long walk, it's technically walking distance. Or an inexpensive cab/bus ride.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the answers. I figured car rental was going to be the way to go, but wanted to see if there were better options.
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If you're at a hotel, ask if they have a shuttle, and if they will take a little... detour.
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