What kind of wristwatch is this woman wearing?
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Today, I was looking at this photo of Yulia Tymoshenko meeting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Kiev in 2010, and I noticed that the woman standing next to Yulia is wearing a watch that shows two timezones with a minimalist aesthetic that I admire. Here is an cropped photo of the watch. Who makes it, what is it called, and how much does it cost?
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you're looking for what's called a 'dual time' watch. there are many examples on the web - i searched for 'ladies dual time watch'. that particular watch didn't come up, but i didn't look very hard. probably a range of prices - i saw one for $50.
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That's tricky. Searching for "ladies rectangular dual time watch" finds dozens of over-and-under rectangular ladies watches, but I can't see a single one that has that design, i.e. with a flat plate and a hole for each watch face to show through.
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I Googled "two face watch" and found a John Weitz that is similar.
Or this one.
Or this one - maybe not too close but cool.
The faces on this aren't as delineated but it's silver-ish.
Searching dual-time watch gives some good results, too.
This is sold but might give you a starting point.

This is a fun search. There are some great designs out there. I wish I was enough of a jet-setter to need to keep track of two times zones.
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Skagen and Breda seem to have a variety of similar watches.
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There are people at WatchUSeek who live for this sort of question... seriously...
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