Eco-Friendly carpet... with pets?
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When we moved into our fixer-upper, the carpeting upstairs was new but obviously cheap. Over a decade later, it's atrocious, and we'd like to do the right thing environmentally as we replace it.

The tricky part of the carpeting question: we have pets. Two old dogs, and after they finish their pampered lives, we'll rescue new ones.

What should we get? Is recycled carpet safe and/or eco-better than shelling out for wool carpets? Are there good flooring square options that you've found that are good for both pets and the earth?

We're willing to spend more to do the right thing. Thanks for sharing your expertise!
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FLOR carpet tiles are fantastic. We've had two rooms carpeted with "house pet" (appropriately enough) for eight years with two cats, and they still look great. When (if) they eventually wear out, you can return them to FLOR for recycling. Recommended!
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