What should I do with five thousand expiring Delta SkyMiles?
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A long while ago, I enjoyed a brief flirtation with Delta, and they've sent me a reminder that my last 5,600 accumulated SkyMiles are expiring real soon, with a nudge to use them for magazine subscriptions. Is there something else I could or should I do with them? Difficulty level: Lazy.

At this point, I have no interest in mileage runs, or otherwise spending any money or effort in expanding a relationship with Delta. And apparently they only allow ongoing customers (members with elite status or Delta Amex cardholders) to buy nicknacks from their online mall, so shatter-proof wineglasses are right out.

The two obvious options I see are to spend 3000 miles on a subscription to the Economist (ugh) for a year for our reading room, or to donate the miles in 1000-mile lots, probably to the Nature Conservancy. What do you suggest?
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Best answer: Hmmm.... The Delta site says they don't expire.
From the Delta site:
Under the SkyMiles Mileage Expiration policy, miles do not expire.

I've gotten junk mail encouraging me to use miles to buy magazines, too.
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Best answer: The magazine offer has a date on it "use by August 2015", right? That is tricksy wording to imply the miles are expiring but it just means the magazine offers are only good until that month. You'll probably get another one with a later month on it.
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Though to be fair, for small numbers of leftover miles I've actually been pretty happy with various magazine subscriptions
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I love buying fun/trashy magazine subscriptions (EW, US Weekly, etc) with expiring miles!
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Right, Delta SkyPesos don't expire.

That same magazine card has language that tries to get you to think you're in a use-it-or-lose-it situation. And there are other programs where mileage expiration is a Thing.

For plain old Delta miles, though, you should be fine.
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I've received multiple mailers exactly like this from American Airlines. For a flight I took 3 months ago. I mean, sure, they're expiring, just not right now.

Soelo's on the money here. (and this won't be your last one)
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You might be able to transfer them to Starwood hotel points, although I'm not sure if there's a minimum you're below.
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Good luck -- I've been getting annual notices from Delta about the same 6-7,000 miles for over a decade, no matter what I do. I usually get the trashy magazines, hoping it will zero out one day.
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