No sound on organ?
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First - I don't know anything about organs. I have figured out how to turn on this organ, a Rodgers 805b. The lights come on, all is well. Except there's no sound when I press a key. What's wrong?

It is connected in to a Rodgers PR-300 "digital sequencer and sound module", which is also on and says "new song" and has a metronome light.

Supposedly it was working a few days ago and now it's not, and I'm going to catch hell for this if I can't get it working.
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Here's a user manual if that might help.

And not to insult you but is the volume turned up? Are there headphones plugged into the jack?

Good luck!
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I also know nothing about this organ but here's its manual.
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Response by poster: Yeah I found the manual (that's how I figured out how to turn it on!)

Where's the volume knob?
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I am a third person who knows nothing about your organ, but the master volume instructions seem to be on page 11 of the manual.
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Best answer: Page 11 of the user manual (in the .pdf that's page 18) gives instructions on adjusting master volume.

Alternately, I don't know how little you know about organs, and I'm not exactly an expert, but it's also possible there are no stops engaged and/or the swell pedals are down. In other words - try flipping the big white switches over the keyboard (they should say things like Principal 8') and seeing if that makes a difference. There are also black foot pedals that rock back and forth; these usually control volume as well, and may have been brought down at the end of whatever piece was played last.

I can always talk to one of the organists I know, if no one comes along in this thread.
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Response by poster: That worked!!!! Awesome!! Thank you!
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