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I know this is a long shot, but here goes: I'm looking for an audio file—more than happy to pay for it, but at this point I'm not above less conventional methods—of the song, Ring of Bright Water. Easy, right?

Except a) it's not the song from the movie of the same name. It's a very different song, written, as far as I can discover, by Frank and Betty Cordell. And b), I'm not looking for the Glenn Yarbrough cover (which you can sample here), but for a cover by Louis Michel Irigaray who, back in the 70s or so, also billed himself as the Basque Balladeer. I've found a couple of Irigaray's songs on YT, but not, so far, this one.

Would MeFi once again pull the rabbit out of the hat, please?
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Could you buy it on vinyl? It is apparently track A4 on that album.
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If you don't have a way of ripping the record, you could have Murfie do it. You can have it shipped directly to them and they'll charge $10 for the rip.
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A last ditch option might be to try to contact this YouTube user, who has posted a few other Irigaray tracks on YouTube and seems to be a fan. You could comment on the video or try to send a message through Google+. Maybe they can post your track.
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Thanks! Not sure which of these is going to work yet, but I've left a comment for the YT user. If that doesn't elicit the desired response, vinyl/Murfie should work.
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