Help me get Google Drive to connect again
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I'm having the hardest time with the Google Drive desktop client on Windows 8.1. It was working fine until a few days ago then it started stalling out during a sync and giving me an "unable to connect" error. I use Drive to upload and store my photographs dumped from my camera and I'm kind of screwed for backup if I can't get Drive to upload my files.

The Drive client keeps trying to sync and giving me a "Syncing 1 of 162" status but just spins for a few minutes until it gives up and gives me that "unable to connect" error. It will sit there for a few seconds and then try again and fail the same way.

Things I've tried:
* Stopping and restarting the client.
* Rebooting
* Running and got 20mbs both up and down
* Turning off the Windows Firewall
* Uninstalled the Drive client and reinstalling it and logging in again. It was able to compare all the files so it seems to connect to the server but when it tried to upload all the files that are local but not remote yet, I got the same error.
* Searching the internets and Google forums but no luck.
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Can you connect with Chrome? It's not a great fix at all, but bulk drag & drop into the Chrome interface via Windows Explorer should at least get the photos up.
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I had the same problem at my workplace, and the problem was my work network's filtering algorithm was blocking one of the servers the Google Drive client uses. Asking them to unblock it fixed the problem.
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Response by poster: So about an hour after I posted this, it suddenly started working again. Not perfectly, I still got a few connection errors but everything eventually uploaded. Frustrating since I didn't change anything to get it to work.
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I have had issues with the Drive desktop client in the past, but they usually resolve themselves like yours did within a few days. Like GtM said, you can go to Drive in any web browser and upload from there if you need the files in Drive right now.
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Response by poster: Manual upload isn't a very good option for my workflow though since I'm using Drive as the location for my Lightroom catalog so I'll often have changes in hundreds of files scattered across many directories and trying to figure out which ones have changes and then manually updating them would be ugly.
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I have had much less grief from Dropbox than with anything from Google. Dropbox will also allow you to give them money, for which you get actual customer service.
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