cat lovers - need advice for stray cat family
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I live in a large residential neighborhood in a suburb. For the past 8 months, my husband and some of our neighbors noticed a stray cat. About a month ago, our neighbor noticed she had 3 kittens.

We started putting out some food for them because we didn't want them to starve. But, we will soon be moving away and are not sure what to do. I am afraid they have become used to the food we put out and will starve without it. We already have already adopted 4 cats so unfortunately cannot adopt any more. I don't know anyone who can take them because I adopted the 4th cat when I could find no one to take her. I emailed the local SPCA a while ago but have not heard back yet. Do you have any advice?
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First, I would call the SPCA since they might not get to their email as often as they check their voicemail. It is "kitten season" and they are probably getting a lot of similar inquiries.

Where do you live? You can see if there is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area. They or the SPCA may have a Trap/Neuter/Return program where they can make sure there won't be any new litters from the bunch! If the cats are feral, they would come back to the neighborhood after being fixed rather than be put up for adoption, and should be fit to fend for themselves.

It sounds like they might be deemed adoptable, so your best choice may be to get them on the SPCA's intake waiting list (they generally have them this time of year for cats, unfortunately!), and have a neighbor feed them until there is space for them to be up for adoption. If someone can offer to look after them in your neighborhood temporarily, the SPCA will hopefully be able and willing to help. You might also have smaller rescue groups you can find in your area. Best of luck!
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Look for "trap neuter release" organizations in your area. If the kittens are socializable, they're usually easy to find homes for and rescue orgs are usually willing to take them. The mom is another matter. If she's feral, best that you can hope for is probably to have her spayed and returned to the neighborhood. That way she won't have any more kittens and she'll hold the territory a little bit.
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I completely agree with the above answers, but wanted to add- local veterinary offices sometimes care for and adopt out stray cats and kittens. In fact, that is how we got our adult cat and learned that they care for animals on their way to be killed who have minor health issues (chronic UTI's, etc). Also, there are crisis farms that may take animals in.
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If you're in the U.S., is good for finding other local rescue groups.
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