Good hard news sources for teens
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Searching for stuff about news for teens tends to get, well, news stories about teens or teeny-bopper mags. Please tell me about a good online news site aimed at teens that covers stuff like politics, the economy, international relations, etc. Does it exist? Teachers or librarians, can you help?

I discovered Smithsonian TweenTribune which looks fantastic and I will use it for other purposes, but is mostly science related. (Smithsonian, right?)

Scholastic Upfront looks interesting, but is locked into some useless onscreen viewer so it's impossible to work with the text.

Happy to pay for something good, but I need to be able to copy and paste the text for analysis so html or pdf are better than proprietary formats.
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My 12 year old is very into the CNN Student News.
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We used to watch Behind the News when I was in primary school (in Australia). Back in those days it was somethng the teachers would record on VCR but now it seems like there's a whole website of resources.
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PBS NewsHour Extra has news articles for students and lesson plans for teachers.
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Seconding Newsbeat. It is excellent.
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Our school has our pre teens reading Time for kids
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NewsELA is something my teacher friends use in the classroom. You can adjust the reading level of the articles, which is neat.
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I know this is an old thread, but if anyone is interested, NewsELA also has articles in Spanish at adjusted reading levels.
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