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I had a dream recently in which a tiger's eye pendant figured prominently, which makes me curious what is the symbolic meaning of tiger's eye?

I shall describe the dream in case that helps. In the dream my former finance (from 14 years ago) reached out to me and wanted to see me again. He still lived in Las Vegas. I flew out there and at first he was sweet and attentive. He gave me a necklace. The pendant was round tiger's eye set in a rounded square silver base. The chain was cheap. Then my former finance suddenly refused to see me, which was particularly distressing since I was staying in the guest room of his house. I was furious yelling at him about this was the last time I would ever do anything to see him. I was packing things so I could fly out that night, but I couldn't find the pendant. The dream ended with me desperately searching through my jewelry to find it as I didn't want to leave with out it.

I've always liked tiger's eye, and I own a few pieces, but no pendants. I also prefer silver jewelry. But the pendant is still so vivid in my mind, which is rare. I'm curious what the various symbolic meaning of tiger's eye is. I don't want commentary on the dream unless it relates to the meaning of the stone.
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I'm too lazy to look up what a tiger's eye means in mythology and folklore. (Oh, fine. Here.) But looking at the dream psychologically, the armchair analyst in me sees the pendant as a representation of the love you shared with this guy. (You say you don't want commentary unless it relates to the meaning of the stone. I think this qualifies, but pardon me if I'm wrong.) It may be significant that it was something beautiful held up by something flimsy and fake. He suddenly refused to see you, and the pendant disappeared. You felt abandoned, and this symbol of your love vanished.

It sounds like you were left hurt and bitter by the breakup, and your subconscious is stirring that up now. That doesn't necessarily mean that you want him back on some level. It could be that he treated you terribly, and you are very glad to be rid of him. But ending an engagement is no small thing, and the echoes of that pain could come back to you in your dreams the same way you could dream of being bullied on the playground when you were 6. It may also be that that lost love itself symbolizes something else, feelings of losing your youth for instance. On some level, you feel like something really good has been taken from you.

It may also be significant that you swore you wouldn't see him again, but you couldn't leave because the pendant went missing. That suggests to me that you may have unresolved feelings about the relationship. You want to move on, but there's something preventing that.

I tend to think the folkloric meanings of stones and other things in dreams matter a lot less than the dreamer's own interpretation. Your subconscious isn't considering what tiger's eyes meant in ancient China. It's using your own personal symbolism.

Of course, there's always the possibility it was just an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato.
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