How can I tell teachers in Ontario (Canada) about a cool program?
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I want a cheap/free way to do outreach to high school teachers in Ontario. I want to promote an alternative university program where they can steer students with potential but not great grades.

I was hoping to find a podcast or blog where I could advertise, but I'm not having much luck. The professional associations and schools are okay, but I'm looking for more.
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What you want is to reach guidance counsellors. Try emailing each school board for contact info. They will tell you who to give the information to.

You said free or cheap, but not sure if you've considered an ad in Professionally Speaking, the magazine of the College of Teachers. Might be easiest. Every teacher in Ontario gets it
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Sorry, what I should've added was that the podcast and blog stuff will be very uneven coverage. From my experience, very few teachers regularly read anything professional online, let alone listen to podcasts. If you are set on electronic stuff, try some of the Twitter edchats.
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I was promoting a children's concert series to teachers in BC about 10 years ago, and we found a really effective way to reach them was a flyer and a letter in their mailboxes at the school. We literally printed out about 30 for each school in our target districts, and drove around, asking the receptionist to put them in the teachers' mailboxes.

I don't know if teachers have suddenly gotten much more digital over the past decade - if so, YMMV.

And if you're trying to cover the entire province, I'm guessing there are more effective ways to get paper into those boxes at the school than driving around. But direct mail, rather than an audio or print ad (especially if you don't have a massive budget to do a full campaign of many ads over a long period of time) can be very effective.

Good luck!
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