Help with Dirty Santa gift?
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DirtySantaFilter: I need a awesome dirtysanta/White Elephant gift that costs $15 max.

I have a office/work holiday party to attend to this weekend and have been informed that we will be playing dirty santa/white elephant. Please lend me your suggestions for a cool/unique/awesome gift to bring to the party. The max amount of $$ to spend on the gift is $15.
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Archie McPhee is closing out their "internet urinals", 4 for $5. Buy one for everybody!
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Spray paint something with gold flake paint to give it a gold plated appearance, something like say a toilet seat. It makes a throne fit for a king. Expect to get it back as your secret Santa gift next year.
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I mentioned this in the recent "tiny gifts" thread, but The Stupid Store has a ton of goofy/geeky/stupid products for sale. Cheap, too.
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Get thee to a thrift store! Hit the art and housewares sections for some uniquely horrible cheap gifts.
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Go to Wal-Mart, buy some huuuuuuuge underwear and bras. Use Sharpies to write silly sayings on it.
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Our office white elephant exchange usually featured a lot of booze. One of the best gifts in that category was a three-set of Mad Dog. Very popular among a few of the participants.
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I throw a white elephant twice a year (Christmas and Christmas in July) so here are a list of some popular ones I've noticed:

- Scented candle set (holiday scents, wildly popular with the girls)
- Mini bottle of tequila and bikini wax
- condoms (very popular)
- watercolor set from Michaels
- Masterbating monkey toy (acquired from a adult themed novelty store)
- Movie tickets and candy basket
- Superman action figure (oddly popular)
- SPAM calendar and cans of spam
- Various pre-viewed dvds from Blockbuster

I know, they aren't quite "dirty" but I personally like giving useful gifts, and they tend to be the ones "traded" most often during the course of the exchange as well.

The ones that keep returning tend to be truly awful and tacky items from thrift stores (ie Trout shaped cap). Funny yes, but I'd hate to have to keep them around for a year for next time!
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have you checked out our very own front page?
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