Looking for sarong/izar, as well as thawb or longer shirt.
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Where would you suggest I look for a sarong or izar style lower garment, a longer styled shirt to match it, as well as a thawb-like robe to go over it.

I've always liked open, more flowing clothing for around the house as well as out in the world. I also enjoy unbifurcated leg garments. I've been looking online for places that sell such items but can't seem to find quite what I'm looking for. For the sarong/izar portion it's really like one that's got a drawstring for securing it, as well as a long style top to go with it. I'd also hunted for a thawb style outerwear to match it for outtings or cooler days. I'd prefer natural fabrics for these; polyester is way too hot for me. Any recommendations from folks would be appreciated!
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For the sarong part, you can just buy 2+/- meters of cotton fabric and add a drawstring. Cotton madras would be suitable if you're a guy, floral for a woman, but really it can be anything you like.

You can also look for an India or North African import store locally or online. I don't think they'd have a drawstring. Most sew it into a tube, fold the ends over so it overlaps and roll it down to secure it.
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Check out the website for Fabindia (sorry I can't get the link embedded here from my phone, it's fabindia.com). The pants you describe could be Chudidhars, which pair nicely with their Kurtas. Be aware that the sizing is true to Indian dimensions: as an American lady of some shoulder width and bosom, I find the men's garments more comfortable. Shipping is free for orders over $100!
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you should also look for caftans, if you're into one-piece solutions. Like these?
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To add: those caftans are also very common in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, so perhaps you can look for places that sells items from those countries/Southeast Asia.
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