Best $100 couple's experience in the Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill,NC area?
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My partner and I have had a lot of challenges this year and we want to do something special together outside of just the regular eat-a-nice-dinner routine. Money is tight, but we have $100 to devote to this special occasion. Things we have discussed include couples' massage classes, groupon getaways, food tours, getting tattoos, etc...but we just haven't been able to find something yet that is within budget. Got any ideas?
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Here's a random one, but if you guys like animals I would recommend Carolina Tiger Rescue. They have a bunch of tigers, lions, all sorts of smaller wild cats. I had a great time when I went and It's definitely unique!

Another random thing that may be interesting is Cipher Escape, which is a puzzle room experience where they look you in a room and you need to solve a puzzle together to get out. I haven't done it myself but with the right couple it could be a lot of fun, or a horrible stressful experience :)
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It's a bit over your price range, especially adding in travel to Charlotte, but a day at the US National Whitewater Center is insanely fun.
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Take a fancy picnic out to Eno River and enjoy a day of lounging in the sun, swimming, and hiking.

Or give yourselves a day at the beach (Wrightsville is about 2 hours away).

There are a number of small towns within an hour or so (Pittsboro, Southern Pines, Mebane come to mind) that are charming to walk around.

And there are so many good restaurants! What'd be more of an "event" than a nice dinner out could be a small plate tour, or a dessert tour, and take a Raleigh Rickshaw bike taxi (or similar) from spot to spot as a treat.
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Wine and Design - painting/art class -
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Childress Vineyards is a totally doable day trip. It's gorgeous and has an affordable Bistro with beautiful views of the vineyards. And the wine is actually good, too.

I also have this book which has tons of great ideas. I got it at the library originally but the Kindle version is less than $5.
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I'd go to the beach. Try to see if you can get a motel deal on a random day or not right on the water. Nothing like strolling the beach on the outer banks or even Wrightsville!

Or go to the Durham Farmer's market, pick up a bunch of amazing cheese and breads and local juicy fresh strawberries, and some wine and beer, and head out to the Eno or swimming quarry. Bring some chairs and some blankets and bug stuff and maybe a bluetooth speaker for some background music. Divine.
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Do you enjoy kayaking? I have heard great things about the Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. They have a Full Moon Paddle on June 5th for $25 a person.
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There's a timely "36 hours in Chapel Hill/Carrboro" piece in the New York Times that may interest you.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! We ended up going to LaVida massage in Raleigh for a discounted couple's massage: We probably went about 15-20 dollars over budget for it. My partner had a really great massage experience but mine was mediocre, as my massage therapist was not very responsive to feedback regarding pressure. But, it fit in for a wonderful day in Raleigh, where we also went swimming (for free) and spent an old Groupon (so it felt free) at the fun Gizmo brewery. We finished off with oven pizza and a movie on TV--which felt great after such a full day. We'll hold on to your ideas!
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